How has Nature inspired my Life and Artwork?

When it comes to artwork for me, it is a representation or mirror of what I am inspired by in my life and moment. Something that I have noticed over sometime is that I become most inspired to paint after long hikes and disconnects with society. It has been healing, ritualistic, exciting, adventurous, and wonderful to connect with Nature in such a way.

When I was a little girl, my parents used to bring me out into the wilderness. My Dad is a hunter and my Mom is an explorer. They both like to go on hikes, bicycle, camp, and travel around to experience new areas of Nature that they haven’t explored. They like to look at the wildlife and connect with the rivers, mountains, and sky. My grandfather and grandmother would take me to different historical sites and my grandfather and I would chase snakes and turtles at his home in Connecticut when I would come to visit them in the Summer. My brother likes to fly fish, boulder, and hike to unique areas to fill his need for nature and his love for dangerous adrenaline rush experiences. When I was little, I used to bring a sketchbook and a little book filled with wildflowers out into the forest. I would sit quietly on hunts with my Dad or play in the meadows with the family dog. I always, always, wrote and charted my feelings, observations, new information on symbols or deep meanings of pieces of nature, and experiences in a journal. I would say that Nature treks are somewhat deeply ingrained into my blood and foundation.

White Oak Trail_Mel Bikowski

Hiking the White Oak Trail 2015

So it comes as no surprise that I am taking my little one on just as many connections with the wilderness. To connect with the magic that is in our wild nature. Before my daughter was born, I would say that I had lost sight of this part of me. I only fed into my foundation once in a while when I would reconnect with my family or be offered an opportunity to go out in the wilderness. But that calling severely changed once I had my daughter. I am no longer interested in ignoring my blood. My Foundation. My Soul’s calling or need for the rush that is the beautiful explorations of our beautiful Earth. I wanted to ground into myself completely.

Cayce and I have been hiking about  every other week or about once a month in and around the Shenandoah Mountains in Virginia. It has been a glorious ride. We have seen hawks, Wild Horses, Barn Owls, Fish, and most of all we have seen the mountains change from barren to bursting with color and beauty. The seasons are beautiful. It feeds my soul. It feeds my little girl’s soul.

When I walk through nature it is as if I am trekking through the largest vortex of love. Watching Cayce crystal hunt in the streams or play in the dirt or pet a friendly dog on the trail has been the most amazing experience and it has also healed me. It has shown me things about myself that I have been ignoring. Like my love for privacy, my love for solitude, and recharging on my own accord.

It has taught me to address my feelings and let them shine out. To listen to my intuition and meditate. Fill my routine with all that is Mother Earth.

Joyful Love- Mel Bikowski 2016

“Joyful Love” 2016, Mel Bikowski

In the beginning of the year, I started a ride of #365daysofart where I was painting and completing one painting everyday. I didn’t realize that the paint was taking me on a journey to emptiness. All the experiences and wild energy of unrest for not aligning with who I was before Cayce was smashed into the wild energy of this project. I made and created ((not all good)) 265 paintings over the course of 265 days. But then I ran out. I ran out of the want or desire to paint. I ran out of the constant need to expel my energy onto the canvas.

I was filled with the desire to look inward. To Walk around the Mountains. To fill my days with filling up with experiences that were more in alignment with my own soul and foundation. And now as I return to the paint, I realize that the paint and nature has taught me something this year. It has taught me to be patient. To allow the blossoming of my creative projects to unfurl like that of Nature. To let each and every creative project go through 4 seasons and as I take time with them to fill myself up with my connection with the deepest love I have of all. My love for Wild Adventure and Deep Loyal Connection with my Family.

So, Nature has inspired my artwork and myself. And my abstract artwork will continue to unveil more and more of the beautiful energy of nature and the wild joy of my own soul.

Mel Bikowski 2015

Black Eyed Susans. GreenSpring Gardens 2015

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